Construction Projects

Ohio’s Move Over Law requires motorists to cautiously shift over one lane — or slow down if changing lanes is not possible — when passing any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of a road. Its purpose is to protect everyone who works on our roads and everyone who travels on them.​  Browse ODOT Move Over page to learn more.​

2016 Sewer Rehabilitation Project – Berkeley Estates & Canterbury Manor

This project consists of sanitary rehabilitation within the public side (City Right of Way) of both of these subdivisions.  In the past, private side rehabilitation was conducted with lateral lining.
Robinson Pipe Services of Lorain, Ohio is under contract to perform the rehabilitation by the means of mainline chemical grouting of the sanitary mains and lateral interfaces.  This process involves injecting grout from the inside of the pipe around leaking joints within the sanitary main, that reduces the amount of rainwater and groundwater entering the main, which is known as infiltration.  This infiltration is the likely source for sanitary backups in the area.  The project will be performed this winter. View the Bid Tabulations

Clague Park Tennis Court Improvements

The City had hired Vasco Sports Contractors, to improve the tennis courts at Clague Park. Vasco Sports contractors started in Mid-September 2016. they completed the demolishing of bad surface, crack sealing damaged areas and resurfacing all four courts. All tennis equipment was be replaced, including the tennis post and nets and installed a backboard and seal coating to the new court surface. This was an amazing facelift to the old courts. View the Bid Tabulations

Canterbury and Detroit Road Intersection Widening

The City of Westlake has hired Mr. Excavator, Inc. to widen Detroit Rd into five lanes and Canterbury Rd into three lanes, at their intersection. The contractor has completed the southeast side of the intersection and have substantially completed pouring the concrete base on the north side of Detroit Rd east of Canterbury Rd. The new three lane roadway will consist of two through lanes in each direction and a center turn lane.  Please take note that the traffic pattern is flowing only on the southside of the road, to enable our crews to work safely. Project completion is anticipated to be in November 2016 with the final task of traffic signal installation.

2016 Waterline Replacement and Roadway Rehabilitation on Bradley Rd (Center Ridge Rd to Hilliard Blvd)

The City of Westlake has contracted with DiGioia Suburban Excavating, LLC. to perform the installation of a new 12 inch water main complete with new fire hydrants and valve service connections. Contractor has removed and replaced the existing 12" water main along with new valve service connections and hydrants. The last step to wrapping up this project for the winter is to complete the roadway repair. The week of November 21st, DiGioia's subcontractor, the Perk Company will be out to lay the final course of asphalt. Please remember that Bradly Rd Center Ridge Rd to Hilliard Blvd is still only open to local traffic.

2016 Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation with Asphalt Overlay on Various Streets

The City of Westlake hired Specialized Construction Inc. to preform pavement rehabilitation on Schwartz Rd and Walter Rd. These repairs included fixing damaged pavement and drainage structures along with a full depth asphalt overlay to the entire roadway, with a new thickened edge to slightly widen the roadway.

2016 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation with Asphalt Overlay and Catch Basin Rehab on Various Streets

The City of Westlake hired  Chagrin Valley Paving, Inc. to perform pavement rehabilitation on Balmoral and Carriage Park Subdivisions. The improvements to these subdivisions involved the milling of the existing asphalt pavement, and repair of  damaged concrete pavement, and drainage structures. After concrete was repaired Chagrin Valley Paving installed a asphalt overlay to the entire area. Project is substantially completed except for punch-list items. This years contract also included miscellaneous catch basin and concrete repairs to about 100 structures through out the City. Chagrin Valley Paving Subcontracted that work out to A& J Cement and they completed repairing all of the 98 basins. 

Detroit Rd Resurfacing, CUY-254, PID#:95891

The City of Westlake in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Transportation have joined into a federally funded contract with The Shelly Company This contract consisted of the removal and replacement of the top 3 inches of asphalt on Detroit Rd (Corp Line to Corp Line). Shelly Co and their subcontractors, repaired catch basins, curb and handicap ramp repairs and the restriping of the roadway to meet federal standards. This project has been completed since the end of August 2016.