Construction Projects

Ohio’s Move Over Law requires motorists to cautiously shift over one lane — or slow down if changing lanes is not possible — when passing any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of a road. Its purpose is to protect everyone who works on our roads and everyone who travels on them.​  Browse ODOT Move Over page to learn more.​

2016 Sewer Rehabilitation Project – Berkeley Estates & Canterbury Manor

This project consists of sanitary rehabilitation within the public side (City Right of Way) of both of these subdivisions.  In the past, private side rehabilitation was conducted with lateral lining.
Robinson Pipe Services of Lorain, Ohio is under contract to perform the rehabilitation by the means of mainline chemical grouting of the sanitary mains and lateral interfaces.  This process involves injecting grout from the inside of the pipe around leaking joints within the sanitary main, that reduces the amount of rainwater and groundwater entering the main, which is known as infiltration.  This infiltration is the likely source for sanitary backups in the area.  The project will be performed this winter. View the Bid Tabulations

Dover Ditch Stream Restoration Project

The City of Westlake has awarded Mr. Excavator, Inc. the above referenced project. The site work for this project will include the realignment of the existing Dover Ditch to extend its total length and to follow a more serpentine alignment.  These improvements will enhance the existing lesser-defined drainage ditches transforming the area into a riparian corridor with fore bays, settling ponds, shallow wetlands, wetland floodplains and native plantings, transforming them into natural habitats to promote biodiversity that will improve the quality of storm water runoff in the area. Please take a look at our drone video  and our Power Point Presentation of the improvement area. The tree clearing will be preformed early spring so we not disturb the Indiana Bats (Myotis sodalis). View the Bid Tabulations
Please check out our article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Canterbury and Center Ridge Rd Intersection Improvements

This project has been awarded to Mr. Excavator, Inc. to construct the widening Center Ridge Road to 5 lanes which will consist of two through lanes in each direction and a center turn lane. Canterbury Road will be widened to three lanes one through lane in each direction and a center turn lane. New water mains, storm sewers and traffic signals are included, along with the rehabilitation of the existing sanitary sewer.This intersection will resemble the new intersection of Canterbury and Detroit Rd that was reconstructed last year. View the Bid Tabulations

Clague Park Pedestrian Bridge

The City has hired Nerone & Sons, Inc. to install a pre-engineered pedestrian bridge to go across Clague Dam. View the Bid Tabulations

2017 Pavement Crack and Joint Seal

The City of Westlake has hired Aero-Mark Inc. to preform crack sealing on various asphalt roadways throughout the City. The sealant is applied to cracks in the pavement to prevent the migration of water into the pavement, which during freeze cycles damages the roadway. This is another cost effective preventative maintenance technique used by the City to maintain quality road surfaces for the traveling public. View the streets listing. View the Bid Tabulations