Community Police Academy

A Word From the Lieutenant
“One thing that I stress from the that it’s not just our job to protect you, it’s also your job to protect yourself.” --retired Lt. Eschenfelder (original host of the CPA)

About the Program
Established in 1996,the Community Police Academy is a 12-week police discovery session, open to Westlake residents and city employees.
Community Police Academy Graduation Class
Lt. Jerry Vogel and Lt. Mark Krumheuer direct the academy, which offers students the opportunity to learn about police procedures from patrol officers, detectives and civilian staff members. Weekly session topics include police procedures, self-defense, search and seizure procedures, hostage negotiation and crowd control.


Hands-on instruction includes fingerprinting, operation of the radar and laser guns, driving a patrol car on a marked course, conducting building searches, and pistol shooting in the Westlake Police Department range. A highlight of the academy: Canine officer Chico, the narcotics-sniffing police dog, conducts a paws-on demonstration of a search for illegal drugs.

Well Received Program
The class has been so well received that its students consistently volunteer their time to assist the Police Department with activities such as the Bike Rodeo, Celebrate Westlake Race, and Party in the Park on the 4th of July. Applications for upcoming sessions are available at the Westlake Police Department. For more information call Lt. Krumheuer at 440-871-3311, ext. 246.

“By educating the public about how the police function, our goal is to make the city a safer place. We train citizens to be more observant about what’s going on in their city.”