Resident Guide

  1. Mayor's Newsletter (current)

    View the current issue of the City of Westlake's Mayor's Newsletter.

  2. Cuyahoga County

    Visit the Cuyahoga County website to learn more about the county government, report a concern, and more.

  3. Emergency Contact Information (PDF)

    The State of Ohio passed a law allowing residents to put up to 2 emergency contacts on the back of an Ohio driver's license for emergency personnel to be able to notify in case of an emergency.

  4. Tax Information

    Learn about how to file taxes online, property taxes and income taxes.

  5. Volunteer Opportunities

    Read about volunteer opportunities available through the Community Services Department.

  6. Voter Information

    Obtain information about registering to vote, voting procedures, locations, and more.

  7. Services

  8. How Do I?