Snow & Ice

Duties & Responsibilities
All service personnel are trained in snow plowing City streets. Main streets are plowed and salted first, followed by secondary streets. Service Department snowplow trucks are prohibited from plowing driveways or towing private vehicles.
Plow removing snow
Useful Tips
  1. Clear areas in front of mailboxes to help the post office deliver mail.
  2. Shovel a path from street to fire hydrants.
  3. Do not park vehicles on streets or cul-de-sacs during any snow events.
  4. Do not shovel, plow, or push snow into or across street. This can cause a traffic hazard and homeowners may be cited.
For More Information
For more information, view the Snow Information Brochure (PDF).

Mailbox Repairs

If your mailbox was damaged by a city snow plow, please contact the Service Department at 440-835-6432. For more information on proper mailbox installation, view the mailbox specifications (PDF)