Heavy & Bulky Refuse

 Item  Requirement
Basketball Poles, Tables and Swing Sets Must be dismantled and cut into 4 foot sections (See miscellaneous items below for other wooden items)
Carpeting Rolled and tied in 4-foot sections, separated from padding
Gutters and Downspouts Cut into 4-foot lengths
Household Appliances, Furniture, Scrap Metal, etc. Year-round pick-up services (Place items on tree lawn before 6 a.m. on regular collection day)
Refrigerators and Freezers Must have doors removed, per City Code 521.01
Tires and Appliances Containing Freon
Tires (with or without rims), refrigerators, air conditioning units, de-humidifiers, and refrigerated water coolers are collected separately from other large household items

Miscellaneous Items
Wooden and piping materials (wooden boxes, crates, lumber, plywood, pipes and poles, etc.) must be collapsed, tied and bundled with wire, twine, or rope. Bundles must not be more than 1 foot by 3 feet, with all nails removed or flattened. Place all bundles parallel to curb and next to regular refuse.

Contractors are responsible for removing all building and construction materials.