Future Projects

Fire Stations Generator Replacement

The existing electrical generators at both fire stations have approached their useful life and replacement parts are becoming difficult to obtain. So this project will replace those generators and install them in a new location.  Currently both fire stations have an electrical generator within a mechanical loft adjacent to the dormitories.  During power outages and when the generator exercises it becomes a nuisance to resting fire fighters.  So the plan is to relocate a new generator along the exterior of the building and up-sized it.  Currently the generator only services a few circuits so the majority of the building has no emergency power.  It has been noted that the Fire Stations could be used as emergency command centers and/ or shelters so emergency power to key areas of the building is critical.

Columbia Road Resurfacing CUY- SR-252

The City of Westlake, North Olmsted and ODOT will contract out a bid for Columbia Rd (SR-252) consisting of 1.3 miles of the removal and replacement of the top 3 inches of asphalt. Also, included will be catch basin, curb and handicap ramp repair and restriping the roadway to meet federal standards. This project will have 80% federal funding.