Welcome from the Mayor
City of Westlake
27700 Hilliard Blvd.
Westlake, OH 44145
M – F: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Board of Building Appeals

The five-member commission meets as needed to decide appeals from the interpretation or application of the Westlake building code. For further information, contact Nicolette Sackman, MMC Clerk of Commissions, 440-617-4310.

Marie A. Albano, D.D.S.
Tim Coyne
Michael Lamb
Craig Catanzarite
Chris Pastel


Board of Zoning Appeals

The five-member commission meets monthly, as needed, to hear and decide on appeals of decisions by the director of inspections and the requirements of the zoning code. The board may reverse or affirm decision of appeals and may grant variances to the provisions of the zoning code where there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships. For further information, contact Nicolette Sackman, MMC Clerk of Commissions, 440-617-4310. To view a list of tentative dates for the Board of Zoning Appeals meetings, click here.

Matthew Jones

Jeff Neverman
Robert Swisher
Bryan Baesel
Scott Fatzinger(Planning Commission representative)


Civil Service Commission  

The three members of the commission meet as needed to determine the merit and fitness of those wishing to be appointed or promoted into certain classes of public service within the city, contact Nicolette Sackman, MMC Clerk of Commissions, 440-617-4310.

Steve Presley

Maria Gregg
Timothy Warner


Parks and Recreation Commission

The five-member Parks and Recreation Commission meets monthly to plan and coordinate city recreation activities for the most effective use of personnel, equipment and facilities for both present and future needs. The commission also aids in coordinating activities of the city, the Board of Education and volunteer organizations. For further information, contact Rosie Debre, Commission Secretary, 440-808-5700.

Dale Smith
Bob Loesch
G. Anthony Jones
Regina Orange
Ken Brady
Ron Stephenson

Ex Officio
Mayor Dennis M. Clough

Mike Rump, Director of Recreation

Tony Cipollone, Westlake Schools


Planning Commission

The five-member Commission meets at least once a month generally on the first Monday of the month, and additional meetings may be called by the Chairman. The commission is responsible for the planning and platting of the city for harmonious development and coordination of streets. The commission may make plans for the zoning of the city, the location or vacating of streets, location and design of public buildings, playgrounds or public places. The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations to Westlake City Council on all proposed zoning changes, public buildings, development plans and major subdivisions. The commission also reviews and approves new signs, lot splits and lot assemblies. For further information, contact Nicolette Sackman, MMC Clerk of Commissions, 440-617-4310. To view a list of tentative dates for the Planning Commission meetings, click here.


Daniel Meehan

Bonnie Smith
Brad Lamb
Scott Fatzinger
Mark Getsay (City Council representative)


Records Commission

Local municipal records commissions are governed by Ohio Revised Code section 149.39 (municipal corporation). This section requires that municipal records commissions meet at least once every six months. All records commission meetings are open public meetings subject to the provisions of Section 121.22 ORC, Ohio Public Meetings Law. For further information, contact Nicolette Sackman, MMC Clerk of Commissions, 440-617-4310.

To view a copy of the city's Records Retention Schedule, click here.

Mayor Dennis Clough
Finance Director Prashant Shah
Law Director John Wheeler
Citizen Member Richard Walling
Director of Engineering Bob Kelly
Clerk of Commissions Nicolette Sackman


Tree Commission

The five-member commission meets bi-monthly to develop and administer written plans for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting and removal or disposition of trees and shrubs in parks, along streets and in other public areas. For further information, contact the Westlake Service Department, 440-617-4210.

Urban Forestry Manager
Stan Barnard

Director of Public Service
Paul J. Quinn III

Diane Morris
Margie Rossander
Mary Beth Schneidler
John Walz


Youth Commission

Volunteer magistrates meet twice monthly with members of the Westlake Youth Commission to hear cases that have been referred back to the Community Diversion Program by Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. For further information, contact Detective Patty Weisbarth, Westlake Police Department, 440-871-3311.

Magistrate/Youth Commission Teams
Tracy Heberle
Russell Ezolt
Tina Myles
Joy Evans/Jim Gilmore
Stacey McKinley/Judy Boey