Welcome from the Mayor
City of Westlake
27700 Hilliard Blvd.
Westlake, OH 44145
M – F: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Rumpke Waste and Recycling provides residential recycling and rubbish collection services for the City of Westlake.

For more information:
Rumpke Waste and Recycling Customer Service Department:
Please call 1-800-828-8171,
M – F, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Westlake Service Department:
Please call 440-835-6432,
M – F, from 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Time of collection
To ensure your recycling and rubbish materials are removed, please place rubbish on the opposite side of your driveway from recyclables on the tree lawn by 6 a.m. on the day of your regular collection.


Placing Rubbish or Garbage within the Public Right of Way
When waste, rubbish or garbage has been set out on a public street, right-of-way or alley for collection by the Department of Public Service or its contractor, no person except an employee of such department or contractor shall remove any of such waste, rubbish or garbage. When waste, rubbish or garbage has been set out on a private premises, no person shall remove any of such waste, rubbish or garbage except with the consent of the owner or lessee of the premises.

Waste, rubbish or garbage which is placed on the tree lawn area or other suitable area within the public right-of-way for collection by the city or its contractor shall not be deposited or placed sooner than 6 p.m. the evening of the day previous to the collection of such waste, rubbish or garbage for that street, except that if a hardship would occur requiring the depositing of waste, rubbish or garbage prior to the collection on that street. A permit shall first be obtained from the Director of Public Service or Department of Public Service Services Administrator. This provision does not apply to the placement of leaves or brush within the public right-of-way.

Rubbish container(s), after collection of such waste, rubbish or garbage for that street, shall be returned by the property owner or occupant to the storage area no later than twenty-four hours following the time of pick-up. Rubbish container(s) must be stored in such a manner that they cannot be seen from the street or roadway.

No person desiring to have waste, rubbish or garbage collected by the city or its contractor shall prepare or place such waste, rubbish or garbage in any container which, when filled and prepared for collection, exceeds a total gross weight of sixty pounds. No city employee or its contractor in the course of waste, rubbish or garbage collection shall be required to collect any waste, rubbish or garbage from any container which exceeds the weight limitation provided for herein.

All above rules and regulations apply to include recycling materials.

Whoever violates any provision of these rules and regulations shall be subject to a $100.00 fine as set forth in Section 951.99 of the City of Westlake Codified Ordinances.


Day of collection:
Recycling and rubbish materials will be picked up on the same day each week EXCEPT when a holiday falls on or before your regular pick up day. Then your recycling and rubbish materials will be collected one day later. Daily rubbish/recycling pick up begins at 6 a.m.

Holidays that affect collection are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

For more information, contact:
Rumpke Waste and Recycling Customer Service Department: at 1-800-828-8171, M - F, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Westlake Service Department: at 440-835-6432, office hours 7:30 am – 4 pm, M – F.


Recycling Rules & Regulations:
(Recycling materials are collected by Rumpke Waste and Recycling)
Single family and multi-family homes may use any type of plastic container for recycling use.
Blue plastic bags are permitted for newspapers and any and/or all quantities of recycling materials.

Comingle Materials: Collect aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans, glass bottles and jars, plastics labeled #1 - 7 and place them together (comingled) in your 18-gallon recycling bin or blue plastic bags.

Aluminum, Steel, Bi-metal and Aerosol Cans: Rinse (crush aluminum optional).

#1 - 7 Plastic Bottles: Rinse, remove lids and neck rings (crush optional).  These bottles and containers are easily identified as soda pop, liquid detergent, jars and milk bottles and containers (any color, lids removed). If unsure, check the bottom for the numbers #1 - 7 in the recycling triangle. If the numbers are not present, discard in the regular trash.

Glass: Glass bottles and jars (any color, lids removed).

Newspapers and Magazines: Newspapers, including glossy inserts, magazines, office paper, junk mail and folders. Stack newspaper and magazine bundles and tie both ways with twine or stack inside paper or blue plastic grocery bags. This way is preferred as it saves space for other recyclable materials.

Heavy-duty Corrugated Cardboard Cartons: Heavy duty corrugated cardboard cartons are recyclable (paper board, pizza boxes and cartons). Flatten cartons and bundle. Cut and tie cardboard into 2 foot by 2 foot bundles.  

Motor Oil: Drained motor oil can be taken to the Westlake Service Center, 741 Bassett Road, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Please do not mix with rubbish or place on tree lawn.

Recycling Drop-Off Locations: Westlake Community Center, 29694 Center Ridge Road and Westlake Police Department, 27300 Hilliard Boulevard.


Rubbish Rules & Regulations:
Required containers: Plastic bags securely tied are preferred, or metal or plastic containers with covers and lift handles. Maximum weight is 60 pounds with a maximum container size of 32 gallons and a minimum size of 20 gallons. Neither the city nor Rumpke are responsible for damage to containers. Paper bags and cardboard boxes are not acceptable and will not be collected. Rubbish/refuse containers must be removed from the tree lawn no later than 24 hours following the collection time per City Code 951.03.  Rubbish/refuse containers must be stored in such a manner that they cannot be seen from the street or roadway.

Permitted Refuse:
Rubbish: Drained, wrapped and placed in a waterproof container.

Window glass, Mirrors, etc.: Labeled and placed in a separate container from other trash. Maximum size is 2 feet by 3 feet.

Unwanted Medicine Disposal: For instructions on the proper disposal of unwanted medicine, click here.

Other Trash: Placed in a waterproof container or plastic bag.

Heavy and Bulky Refuse:
Carpeting: Rolled and tied in 4-foot sections, separated from padding.

Gutters and Downspouts: Cut into 4-foot lengths.

Tables and Swing Sets: Must be dismantled.

Refrigerators and Freezers: Must have DOORS REMOVED, per City Code 521.01.

Household Appliances, Furniture, Scrap metal, etc.: Year-round pick-up. Place items on tree lawn before 6 a.m. on regular collection day.

Tires and Appliances containing Freon: Tires (with or without rims), refrigerators, air conditioning units, de-humidifiers, and refrigerated water coolers are collected separately from other large household items. Also, year-round pick-up.

Basketball Poles, Tables and Swing sets: Cut into 4 foot sections, see below other “wooden items.”

Miscellaneous Items: Wooden and piping materials such as wooden boxes, crates, lumber, plywood, pipes and poles, etc. must be collapsed, tied and bundled with wire, twine or rope. Bundles must not be more than 1 foot by 3 feet, with all nails removed or flattened. Place all bundles parallel to curb and next to regular refuse.

Contractors are responsible for removing all building and construction materials.


Yard Waste:
Grass Clippings and Other Yard Waste: Must be placed in regular refuse cans or plastic bags. These materials will be collected with your regular rubbish. NOTE: Contractors are responsible for the removal of yard waste.

Tree Limb Removal Rules and Regulations
Due to the Ohio House Bill 592, the City of Westlake must change its methods of tree limb removal. The Westlake Service Department will only pick up branches and tree limbs under the following conditions:

    Size limitation:
    4'x 2' bundles, maximum spread of 2 feet, maximum 60 lbs.
    Larger size branches, limbs or logs, 3" or more in diameter, must be cut into shorter lengths, stacked in a pile and not exceeding 60 lbs.
    Single branches must not exceed 4 feet in length.

    Placed on tree-lawn, bundles parallel to curb, ends in same direction, separated away from rubbish and recycling.

    Place on tree lawn by 6 a.m. on your regular scheduled collection day. Collection may be delayed depending on volume of brush to be collected.

    All thorns and/or pricker branches MUST be bundled.
    Remove all metal, wire, nails, roots and dirt.
    Do not mix any other rubbish, yard waste or other materials with the brush.
    Cans may be used if they contain brush only and separated away from rubbish and recycling.
    Maximum can weight of 60 lbs.
    Maximum container size of 32 gallon.
    Please label cans “BRUSH.”
    Rumpke collects brush and yard waste in plastic bags.

    Binding Materials:
    Bundles must be tied securely with a non-metallic binder such as rope, twine or nylon.

NOTE: Contractors are responsible for the removal of all branches and shrubs.


Christmas Tree Disposal
All ornaments, lights, stands and other man-made decorations, as well as plastic tree bags, must be removed from Christmas trees before collection.


Helpful Hints:
- Place a name or address on cans, lids and bins.
- Collection on any street will be anytime after 6 a.m.
- Streets do not have a specific time of collection.
- Streets are collected one side at a time.
- Collection times may vary due to volume, construction, time of year, weather, etc.


Computer and Household Hazardous Waste Collections:

Westlake Service Department supervises these annual collections:

These collections take place during designated times only.

  • Computer Round-Ups:
    For items accepted at Computer Round-Ups, click here.

  • Household Hazardous Waste Round Ups:
    For materials accepted at Household Hazardous Waste Round-Ups, click here.
Alkaline Battery Disposal Information, click here.

Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District - For information on reducing, reusing, and recycling waste as well as County Solid Waste District collection schedules visit the SWD website, www.cuyahogaswd.org.

All Year Computer Drop-off Location (Not Westlake supervised)
RET3 Job Corp
1814 East 40th Street, Cleveland, OH 44103
Hours: 8 am – 3 pm.
Phone: 216.361.9991
Website: www.ret3.org