Recently Completed Projects

Lilly Weston House

The City applied and obtained a grant from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, (OFCC Community Grant) to help fund the restoration. With the Grant and some City funds we were able to preform the following updates. 

First Floor

  • Framing, removal and rebuild of rotted materials
  • New floor flooring only subflooring currently exists

Second Floor 

  • 1850's Section replacement of all rotted joists and subfloor. 
  • Remove circa 1960's stairs in a 1840's section:
    • Reframe opening to match existing
    • Relocate stairs to original location with construction of the era 
    • Correct hardwood staircase and railing

Outside Structure

  • Structural roof repairs for the 1850 Section
  • Masonry repairs
  • Window replacement, only when too rotted to repair, using cypress, reclaimed glass where possible
  • Construction of new period-appropriate front stoop with reclaimed sandstone to the 1840's Section
  • Adding a ADA entry at recessed porch on 1850 Section, related A/E services. 

Sanitary Sewer Improvements

The Engineering Department is in the process of examining Westlake’s citywide sanitary sewer system to identify and address problems and collect data. Common issues that workers look for include water inflow or infiltration issues that can lead to flooding. In 2022 the City had a contract with United Survey Inc to line and filming sanitary lines and manholes on Bassett Rd from Hilliard Blvd to Dover Center Rd. 

The City of Westlake, Department of Engineering began the 2021 Sidewalk Repair Program in the southeast quadrant of the City, Quad 1, covering neighborhoods south of Hilliard Blvd. and east of Dover Center Road. If you live in this area you should have received notification by mail of any sidewalk violations needing replacement or repair. The goal of this program is to identify and address damaged portions of sidewalk for the sake of the general health of welfare of the community. The City’s Sidewalk Inspection Program was enacted in 2001 by Codified Ord. 905.08, which contains more details. 

Update: this project has been substantially completed in December of 2022, contractor will return in the spring for additional restoration and completion of sidewalk repairsIf you have any questions or comments about your repairs please feel free to contact us.

Please visit our interactive map to view updated information on the 2021 Sidewalk Repair Program. 

Reconfiguration of I-90/SR 252 (Columbia Road) Interchange

ODOT has substantially completed the I-90/SR 252 (Columbia Road) Interchange Reconfiguration project by reconstructing the westbound side of the interchange. The eastbound side was reconstructed in 2017 as project CUY-90-3.56, PID 88665. This project (CUY-90-3.56 WB, PID) will fulfill the city's commitment to complete the reconstruction of the entire interchange.

The project consisted of consolidating traffic and reconfiguring intersections within the interchange. The intersection of Sperry Road/SR 252 would be reconfigured and the westbound I-90 exit ramp to northbound SR 252 would be removed. Traffic would then be combined on the loop ramp for the westbound I-90 exit to southbound SR 252. The loop ramp will be widened to two lanes and will intersect SR 252 opposite of Sperry Road. This reconfiguration will combine two closely-placed signalized intersections into one.

Due to increased traffic volumes for the entrance ramp from northbound SR 252 to the westbound I-90 entrance ramp, a dual left turn lane will be provided and the entrance ramp widened to two lanes.

All improvements will be completed within the exiting right of way. No additional property will need to be acquired.

For more information about this project, contact the ODOT District 12 Public Information Office at 216-584-2006.

2022 Pavement Crack and Joint Sealing Hot Applied

This work shall consist of the cleaning preparation and filling/over banding of pavement cracks or joints with a hot-applied crack sealant material in accordance with O.D.O.T. specification 423 except as modified herein and as directed by the Engineer. On various streets throughout the City of Westlake, Ohio.

Bid Info: The bid was opened on April 7, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. The contract has been awarded to Aero Mark Co, by City Council on April 15, 2021. Please see our Bid Tabs for more information. 

Dover Center Road Asphalt Resurfacing - 2022 

Specialized Construction has completed the Dover Center Road resurfacing project.

View a PDF map of the affected area by clicking this link

New Tennis Courts @ Community Service Center 

New Tennis Courts Plan OverviewThis project was the replacement of the tennis courts at the Westlake Recreation Center Park that were removed to make room for the new Westlake Center for Community Services. This new four tennis court complex will be more assessable to the general public with parking adjacent to the courts.

Westlake Center for Community Services

The Westlake Recreation Center and Park is a special place in the heart of Westlake and with the construction of this project it will create a campus like feeling within the park.  The new facility will be located behind the Recreation Center Building closer to Center Ridge Road in the location of the existing tennis courts.

The building is designed around the exterior serenity garden that provides light from floor to ceiling windows and ambiance along with having the main circulation corridor wrap around it.  This design also allows for shorter walks for patrons to each of the amenities provided above.  Along this circulation corridor will be intimidate seating areas for patrons to gather and chat or play a game of cards while looking out into the serenity garden.  Near the lobby will be a café where a patron can grab a coffee or pastry while reviewing the informational brochures along with video screens highlighting all the exciting activities planned in the future.  The building will encourage informal gathering to take place as illustrated above in the café or circulation corridor so patrons can feel they can be their without necessarily having a planned activity.

This new 28,000 S.F. freestanding single story building will house both community services and the senior center.  The following amenities will be within the building:

  • Exterior Serenity Garden
  • Auditorium
  • Multi-Purpose / Art Room
  • Classroom
  • Equipped Fitness Studio
  • Exercise Studio
  • Gathering Hall (Dining Hall)
  • Administrative Offices

Since the facility will offer so many fun and exciting activities, way finding can be difficult for some patrons.  To help with that all public spaces will have digital signs indicating the current activity planned for the space.

The first class amenities for this great facility also carried out into the site, which is evident as you drive up to the building along beautiful landscaping to the porte-cochere for patrons to be picked up or dropped protected from the weather.  Ample parking will also be provided and great thought went into circulation of the parking lot along with the goal of providing parking spaces as close to the building as possible.  The parking lot is unique in having sidewalks between the aisles to protect pedestrians from vehicle traffic and also providing benches for some patrons to simply rest. 

New Comm Services - far awayPatrons can enjoy the great outdoors by playing a game of bocce ball on the two courts that will be provided or stroll through the park along the bike trail that will wrap around the building.  Some exercise or yoga classes may be moved outside to the patio on those nice weather days.  The serenity garden will be a special place with shaded seating and walkways for patrons to use along with the maintenance free natural synthetic turf grass that looks so real you would be shocked it is not.

The social services part of the building will offer a secondary entrance for discretion along with a family waiting room for the social workers or youth coordinators.  The enlarged food pantry near this secondary entrance will make food donation drop and pick-up much easier than the existing building. 

The new building will allow the Senior and Community Services Department to truly serve the Westlake residents of all ages in a dynamic new setting that is expected to be completed in Spring of 2021. 

Bid Info: Bid was opened on September 12, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. The apparent low bidder is Mike Coates Construction, please see our Bid Tabs for more information.