Duties & Responsibilities
The forestry crew plants, prunes and maintains trees on City properties, tree lawns, medians and rights-of-way. Each year, approximately 200 trees are planted in these areas. The Urban Forestry Manager selects the type of new trees to be planted and, along with the Westlake Tree Commission, works with developers and contractors to save as many existing trees as possible during the construction process.

Maintaining Your New Tree

Residents are responsible for watering newly planted tree lawn trees.
Please follow these watering tips:
  • Water the base of the tree, around the mulch ring, 2-3 times per week if there is no substantial rainfall
  • Keep the soil moist, but not water logged
  • When the soil is dry below the surface of the mulch, it is time to water
  • Water trees through the growing season, which is from the time the tree is planted, until mid-fall
Please leave the tree stakes in place. The Service Department will remove the stakes at the appropriate time during the winter. 

Urban Forestry Updates

Proper Tree Planting and Watering 
Learn how to properly Plant a Tree and Water a Tree with these tips and care information. 

Dealing with Deer-related Issues
Learn Techniques to help reduce damage to gardens, landscaping, trees, etc.  

Why Topping Hurts Trees
Learn why Topping is not an acceptable pruning technique and discover recommended alternatives. 

Asian Longhorned Beetle
Learn about the Asian Longhorned Beetle and a recent infestation discovered in Clermont County, Ohio. 

Tree Commission

The Tree Commission is made up of citizen volunteers who serve a 2-year term.

Tree City USA

The City of Westlake was pleased to host the 2016 Tree City USA Awards (PDF) on 5/10/16, at La Centre. Westlake was proud to celebrate its 25th year as a Tree City. The event had a great turn out of 238 people from 66 cities and 13 vendors/exhibitors. 

Since 1991, Westlake has held the designation of Tree City USA, which it earned by meeting four standards established by the National Arbor Day Foundation and the National Association of State Foresters. Those standards include maintaining a tree commission, a tree care ordinance and a community forestry program, and holding an annual Arbor Day observance.
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