Sidewalk Program

Q2sw_ViolationMap23The City of Westlake has begun its 2023 Sidewalk Repair Program, in the southwest quadrant of the City. Click this link to view the Sidewalk Repair Program Interactive Map. This program cover's the neighborhoods south of Hilliard Blvd. and west of Dover Center Road. If you live in this area, you will see markings on sidewalks throughout your neighborhood. If you have a pink "X" or pink dots on the sidewalks adjacent to your home, you will receive correspondence from the City of Westlake, Department of Engineering, about those sidewalk blocks. 

The sidewalk is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain. Therefore, upon receipt of above-mentioned correspondence owners will have thirty (30) days to repair or replace the sidewalk(s), or they will be automatically entered into the City's 2023 Sidewalk Repair Program and the City's Contractor, DiGioia Suburban, will replace the sidewalk(s) and owners will receive an invoice from the City after the area is completed. 

Below is the price listing for sidewalk block(s) that are replaced through the 2023 Sidewalk Repair Program

  • 4” concrete sidewalks replaced                                                                      $7.25 / S.F.
  • 6” concrete sidewalks replaced, within residential driveway            $9.00 / S.F.
  • 7” concrete sidewalks replaced, within commercial driveway          $11.00 / S.F. 

*For Estimating purposes- The average 4” sidewalk block is five feet by five feet, 5’x5’, which is 25 S.F. equaling $181.25.

Property owners can hire a registered contractor or perform the necessary work on their own, with a permit for $15.00 that can be obtained through the Engineering Dept. If owners choose to level or repair damaged walks these repairs must be completed within the 30 days of violation correspondence. Owners can submit photos of their repairs by emailing the Engineering Department.  All repairs, replacement, construction materials and methods shall be in accordance with the Engineering Department’s specifications (listed below) and standard construction drawings and shall be subject to inspections by the Engineering Department. 

Some homes may have deficient sidewalk blocks(s) that are the responsibility of the City and will be identified as such, within the correspondence sent to their homes. Those sidewalk blocks(s) will be replaced with the 2023 Sidewalk Repair Program at no cost to the owner.

The goal of this program is to identify and address areas of sidewalk in need of repair or replacement for the sake of the general health of welfare of the community. The City’s Sidewalk Inspection Program was enacted in 2001 by Codified Ord. 905.08, which contains more details.

Specifications For Sidewalk, Owner Repairs

Cracked or Chipped Sidewalks: Sidewalks that are still level, may be repaired with epoxy filler which can be purchased at any local home improvement store. Epoxy filler should be grey in color to match your sidewalks. For larger chips you may also use a concrete patch compound.

Leveling of Sidewalks: Sidewalks that have been marked for repair/removal that are still in good condition may be leveled. Owners can choose to hire a  registered contractor to preform this work. A permit is not needed for leveling of walks. If you have hired a registered contractor and the walks will not be leveled within your 30 day time frame please reach out the Engineering Dept.'s Sidewalk Crew by email

Remove and Replacement: Owners may complete this work themselves or hire a registered contractor to complete the removal and replacement of sidewalks. A $15.00 permit is required for this work and can be applied for online. Homeowner's should only pull permit for this work if they are completing the work themselves. If you have hired a contractor, they should pull the permit with the Engineering Department. *Please note when pulling permit to let the office know the work is being completed as a result of the 2023 Sidewalk Repair Program. 

2021 Sidewalk Repair Program

The 2021 Sidewalk Repair Program, Hilliard Blvd South to Corp Line and Dover Center Rd East to Corp Line., is substantially completed with a few minor repairs still to be completed. 

Sidewalk Quad 1 - City of Westlake, Ohio

Quad 1 Map - Westlake