Adult Coached Swim

Elevate Your Swim, Enhance Your Fitness

Take to the water with confidence and purpose under the expert guidance of Judi Norton, our Certified USMS Level 2 Coach. The Westlake Recreation Department's Adult Coached Swim Workouts are meticulously designed for adult swimmers who wish to elevate their aquatic prowess, whether for fitness, competitive swimming, or triathlon training.

Program Highlights:

  • Personalized Coaching: Each session is led by a professional coach, ensuring personalized attention and advice to help you refine your technique and meet your individual goals.
  • Comprehensive Workouts: Dive into a variety of workouts including conditioning drills, stroke refinement, and goal-setting activities designed to enhance your swimming efficiency and stamina.
  • Community of Swimmers: Join a group of up to 12 adults, all driven by the shared goal of improving their swimming skills in a supportive and motivating environment.
  • For the Avid Swimmer: This program is tailored for adults capable of swimming approximately 500 yards within one hour, catering to both fitness enthusiasts and competitive athletes.

Schedule & Fees:

  • Time: Every Sunday from 9:00 to 10:00 am, allowing you to start your day with energy and accomplishment.
  • Dates: The program runs from October 1st to December 17th, with occasional dates off due to holidays or swim meets ensuring a well-rounded experience.
  • Fees: Affordable access to top-tier coaching at $5 for members and $7 for non-members per session.

Whether you're aiming to master the waters for your next triathlon or simply looking to boost your fitness in a dynamic way, our Adult Coached Swim Workouts are your gateway to achieving your swimming and health objectives.

Ready to Jump In?

Spots are limited to ensure quality coaching for all participants. Secure your place in the pool today and witness your transformation with each stroke. For more information or to register, Contact Us or visit our front desk.