Recently Completed Projects

Westlake Center for Community Services

The Westlake Recreation Center and Park is a special place in the heart of Westlake and with the construction of this project it will create a campus like feeling within the park.  The new facility will be located behind the Recreation Center Building closer to Center Ridge Road in the location of the existing tennis courts.

The building is designed around the exterior serenity garden that provides light from floor to ceiling windows and ambiance along with having the main circulation corridor wrap around it.  This design also allows for shorter walks for patrons to each of the amenities provided above.  Along this circulation corridor will be intimidate seating areas for patrons to gather and chat or play a game of cards while looking out into the serenity garden.  Near the lobby will be a café where a patron can grab a coffee or pastry while reviewing the informational brochures along with video screens highlighting all the exciting activities planned in the future.  The building will encourage informal gathering to take place as illustrated above in the café or circulation corridor so patrons can feel they can be their without necessarily having a planned activity.

This new 28,000 S.F. freestanding single story building will house both community services and the senior center.  The following amenities will be within the building:

  • Exterior Serenity Garden
  • Auditorium
  • Multi-Purpose / Art Room
  • Classroom
  • Equipped Fitness Studio
  • Exercise Studio
  • Gathering Hall (Dining Hall)
  • Administrative Offices

Since the facility will offer so many fun and exciting activities, way finding can be difficult for some patrons.  To help with that all public spaces will have digital signs indicating the current activity planned for the space.

The first class amenities for this great facility also carried out into the site, which is evident as you drive up to the building along beautiful landscaping to the porte-cochere for patrons to be picked up or dropped protected from the weather.  Ample parking will also be provided and great thought went into circulation of the parking lot along with the goal of providing parking spaces as close to the building as possible.  The parking lot is unique in having sidewalks between the aisles to protect pedestrians from vehicle traffic and also providing benches for some patrons to simply rest. 

New Comm Services - far awayPatrons can enjoy the great outdoors by playing a game of bocce ball on the two courts that will be provided or stroll through the park along the bike trail that will wrap around the building.  Some exercise or yoga classes may be moved outside to the patio on those nice weather days.  The serenity garden will be a special place with shaded seating and walkways for patrons to use along with the maintenance free natural synthetic turf grass that looks so real you would be shocked it is not.

The social services part of the building will offer a secondary entrance for discretion along with a family waiting room for the social workers or youth coordinators.  The enlarged food pantry near this secondary entrance will make food donation drop and pick-up much easier than the existing building. 

The new building will allow the Senior and Community Services Department to truly serve the Westlake residents of all ages in a dynamic new setting that is expected to be completed in Spring of 2021. 


Substantially completed this new building is almost ready to open, please keep an eye out for Grand Opening information. 

Bid Info: Bid was opened on September 12, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. The apparent low bidder is Mike Coates Construction, please see our Bid Tabs for more information. 

Hilliard Blvd. Resurfacing- Columbia Rd. to Rocky River Corp. Line

The City of Westlake will contract out a bid for Hilliard Blvd consisting of almost two miles of the removal and replacement of the top three inches of asphalt. Also, the repair of the catch basins, curbs and handicap ramps and re-striping the roadway will be included to meet current standards.

Update:  This project began the week of July 6, 2020, please avoid this area when possible. The Boulevard will be closed down to one lane on each side so expect delays. The project is expected to be completed in Fall 2020. Rubbish collection will be affected for certain neighborhoods near the construction zone (learn more here).

Bid Info: Bid was  opened on March 25, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. The lower bidder is Cross Roads Asphalt, please see our Bid’s Received for more information.

2020 Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation

The scope of the project includes asphalt rehabilitation on various streets and city parking lots. The improvements in these areas will involve the milling of the existing asphalt pavement, repair of any remaining damaged concrete pavement below the asphalt, drainage structures and then provide new asphalt overlay to the entire area please see our street listing of roads to be repaired. 

Update: Roadway work started in early May 2020 for Woodmill Dr., Indianpath Dr. and Laughlin Lane, these roadways have had the inermediate course removed, they are saw cut and will be removing concrete areas for repair prior to the asphalt overlay.  and has been completed. Please drive with caution through these areas and allow yourself plenty of time there may be delays. 

Bid Info: Bid was opened on March 31, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. The low bidder is Specialized Construction, please see our Bid’s Received for more information.

2020 Concrete Roadway Rehabilitation & Catch Basin Repair

The City of Westlake’s concrete rehabilitation and catch basin repair project will include pavement rehabilitation on various streets throughout the city, the street listing will be release early this spring. Improvements include repair of any damaged concrete pavement and drainage structures, as well as the repair of over 100+ catch basins throughout the city.

Update: Catch basin repair work is complete on Dover Center Rd. Hilliard Blvd. to Center Ridge Rd. The crews will be working their way north on Dover Center Rd  from Hilliard Blvd to Detroit Rd ending at the Bay Village/Westlake City limits.  

Bid Info: Bid was opened on March 31, 2020 at 2 p.m. The low bidder was Konstruction King, please see our Bids Received for more information.

Waterline Replacement and Roadway Rehabilitation on Bassett Rd. (Hilliard Blvd. to Dover Center Rd.)

The City of Westlake’s project will consist of replacing 4,400 feet of 12-inch water-main, along with repairing sections of the existing storm and sanitary sewer. The rehabilitation of manholes and catch basins and the removal and replacement of the top three inches of pavement are included in the project.  

Update:  Bassett Rd. from Dover Center Rd to Hilliard Blvd is closed, except to local residents. Please plan your alternate routes. Under Ground Utilities will start working at the Dover Center Rd side and move west towards Hilliard Blvd. The following map indicates how this construction will impact local traffic: Bassett Road Construction Map. The installation of the New 12” PVC Water main is halfway completed with the East half of the street being in the process of being sanitized and pressure tested. The West half of the street along with the 8” easement section will be replaced and tested in the coming weeks. Once the Water main is completed work will begin on the road.

Bid Info: Bid was opened on March 26, 2020 at 2 p.m. The low bidder is Underground Utilities, please see our Bids Received for more information.

2020 Pavement Crack and Joint Seal

The City of Westlake has the pavement crack and joint project, this project will include crack sealing on various asphalt roadways throughout the city. The sealant is applied to cracks in the pavement to prevent the migration of water into the pavement, which damages the roadway during freeze cycles. This is another cost effective preventative maintenance technique used by the city to maintain quality road surfaces for the traveling public. 

Update: May 18, 2020 Crack and Joint sealing started throughout the City, with 50% completed. Please see our street listing for all streets that will be sealed.  

Bid Info: Bid was opened on March 26, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. The low bidder was American Pavements, please see our Bids Received for more information.

Clague Playhouse Ball Fields

Clague Ball FieldsThe three existing ball fields will be replaced with a new four field complex in a wagon wheel alignment with a restroom / concession stand building in the middle.

These fields will be totally rebuilt from the ground up with drainage as a priority.  A new storm sewer will be installed around the perimeter of the park with field tile installed underneath the fields.  The manicured contoured fields will also be sloped to drain. 

New stands will be installed so the spectators will not miss the action on the field and keep track of all the scoring with new wireless controlled scoreboards for each field.  It would not be baseball, without a little snack to watch America’s past time and a snack can be purchased from the concession stand in the center of all fields that is run by volunteer organizations, like Scouts.

Baseball can be long for some of the younger fans so a new playground will be installed near the fields so they can play as their older siblings swing for the fences (disclaimer- no home run fences will be installed). 

The restroom building will have the architectural flare of buildings located in the National Parks with exposed timber framing, standing seam metal roof and masonry construction, so they can stand the test of time.  However, this is Westlake and not a National Park so all the modern day conveniences will be provided like running water with automated toilets and faucets.

Parking was a problem for both the old fields and the Clague Playhouse. So with this project the parking lot will be expanded along with additional lighting for the riveting evening performances at the Clague Playhouse. The parking lot will be connected to the ball fields with an ADA accessible concrete walkway so spectators can remain on pavement from car to bleachers.

Update: This project is at substantial completion with the last finishing touches being performed.  It is now up to Mother Nature to promote some additional growth to the newly seeded playing fields so baseball can be played in the near future when it is safe again for social gathering.

Bid Info: Bid was opened on July 3, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. The low bidder is JL Moore, please see our Bid Tabs for more information.

Dover Ditch Basin ProjectDover Ditch Basin Restoration Project

The City of Westlake recently completed the Dover Ditch Stream Restoration Project. This project added an additional 2 million cubic feet of retention in the Dover Ditch Corridor. In doing so, we were able to reduce the flood plain in many neighborhoods. 


Therefore, on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Engineering Department provided a PDF copy of the the revised FEMA map and has provided a link to a GIS FEMA Map detailing how the impact of the project on the neighborhood. The original hard copy of the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), dated June 17, 2020, is on file in the Engineering Department. This electronic copy is available for your information. 

Engineering Award for Dover Ditch Basin Project

The project took more than a hundred residents out of the flood plain in Westlake and North Olmsted. The project lowered the 100-Year Floodplain 30 inches, which eliminated the need for flood insurance for homes in the Bretton Woods development and elsewhere. Numerous organizations contributed to the project’s execution, including the Westlake Watershed Group, the Cuyahoga County Department of Health, the Soil and Water Conservation District and Metro Health Hospital. The project entailed nearly 10 years of planning and labor.

The Engineering Department received an award from the American Council of Engineering Companies for its work on the project.

Clague Park Pool 

This $7,500,000 project was awarded to Seitz Builders, Inc. and consists of the removal of the existing pool at Clague Park and the construction of a new state of the art Family Aquatic Center. 

It won't be long until residents can have leisurely days swimming at the new Clague Park pool featuring five distinct bodies of water.  This transformation of the former outdoor pool to the new state of the art aquatic center is well under way with only the freshly painted water slides remaining from the former pool.  The new bathhouse and fully equipped concession stand buildings have been constructed with the exterior face brick being installed and interior finishes to follow.  All the pool walls have been completed allowing one to see the shear vast size of the new site with 21,000 square feet of fun and exciting pool surface to be enjoyed on hot summer days compared to the 11,000 square feet of the former pool.

Update:  Pool is now opened! Visit our Recreation Dept web page for details. 

View Detailed Pool Features 

Bid Info: Bid was opened on March 7, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. The low bidder was Seitz Builders, Inc. Please see our Bid Tabs for more information.

Sidewalk Repair Program

The City of Westlake contracted with A & J Cement to replace various sidewalk slabs through out entire city. If a sidewalk was in violation of the City Code, the City sent out or will be sending out violation letters to the resident with a copy of that inspection. To review the homes that were marked with violation(s), please visit our electronic mapping system of violated sidewalksOpens a New Window.. Click on the corresponding dot to view the violation and pictures of those walks. A pop up menu will open with data and picture links.

Update: This project is substantially completed.