Electric & Gas Aggregation

City Electric Aggregation Program

The City of Westlake has teamed up with Energy Harbor (formerly First Energy Solutions) to continue the City’s Electric Aggregation Program for Westlake residents and small Westlake commercial businesses (under 700,000 kWh annually) until April of 2025. As members of the aggregation program residents/businesses will pay a fixed rate of 4.77 cents per kWh. 

All residents/businesses were automatically included in the Program in April 2021 and will continue to be included unless they specifically requested to opt-out of the Program by February 22, 2023 or if they had a private contract with an alternative supplier at that time.

If you are unsure if you are currently in the City's program, look for a reference to Energy Harbor in the body of your current electric bill or call Energy Harbor at the number listed below.

At any time during the 4 year Program, residents/businesses can opt-out with no cancellation fee.  

Residents/businesses who have entered into a private contract with an alternative supplier can opt-into the City’s Program by contacting Energy Harbor at the number below, but they should first contact their alternative supplier to determine what is permitted under their contract and what cancellation fees might apply if they switch suppliers.

For those residents/businesses that prefer a variable rate with a discount, Energy Harbor will also be offering a 1% discount off of the “Price to Compare” as an opt-in alternative. The “Price to Compare” consists of by-passable generation and transmission related components which are the charges associated with the costs for purchase power and to deliver the power thorough the transmission system. Residents interested in this opt-in program should contact Energy Harbor directly at the number listed below.

If you have any other questions regarding this Program or would like to know how it will affect your electric bill, please contact Energy Harbor directly at 1-866-636-3749.

Gas Aggregation

The City of Westlake does not offer a gas aggregation program. Residents are directed to consult the Energy Choice Ohio website should they be interested in selecting a gas supplier.

The PUCO's website is dedicated to consumer education regarding electric and natural gas choice in Ohio. The website was developed specifically to be the premier resource for Ohio’s energy consumers seeking information and offer comparisons regarding electric and natural gas supplier choices. The site offers information to help consumers understand electric and natural gas choice, including what steps need to be taken when switching suppliers, what their rights are as a consumer, what aggregation is, apples to apples comparison charts and a frequently asked questions page.