Service Department

Service Dept
  1. What belongs in your curbside recycling bin?

    Shannon of the Westlake Service Department offers a clear overview of what can and cannot be recycled (and why) in a short PSA video available on the City's website and via the Westlake Community Access Channel. Read on...
  2. Leaf Humus and Wood Chip Delivery - 4/19/21-9/24/21

    The Westlake Service Department will begin leaf humus and wood chip deliveries on April 19. The last day for deliveries will be September 24. Additional Info...
  3. Fall Computer Round-Up - 8/9/21-8/14/21

    During this time, Westlake residents can drop off old computers and other electronics at the Westlake Service Center. These items will be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill. No TV's. More Details...
  4. Fall Household Hazardous Waste Round-Up - 9/13/21-9/18/21

    Residents can drop off household hazardous waste at the Service Center during this time. Materials will be delivered to the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District at the end of the week for proper disposal. More Details...
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Mission Statement
The Service Department's overall mission is to ensure and promote a safe and healthy environment for the residents and businesses of Westlake by providing a variety of services with pride, commitment and courtesy.

Duties & Responsibilities

Service Department Annual Report

Learn more about the Service Department operations through our Annual Report