Animal Control

Westlake Animal Control Officer (ACO)


The Westlake Animal Control Officer manages all issues related to animals, from public education regarding ordinances and laws, to citizen complaints about invasive animals. The Animal Control Officer patrols the city, enforces such laws, and provides solutions to animal-related issues to make Westlake a safe place for residents and animals, too.


Animal control services include:

  • Consulting on wildlife conflicts
  • Coordinating adoption of homeless animals
  • Managing the City's kennel
  • Notifying owners of found pets
  • Picking up animals at large
  • Tending to injured, sick and trapped wildlife

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Living with an urban deer population can be a challenge to residents, visitors and travelers in any Northeast Ohio suburb, including Westlake.  The City of Westlake has a City Deer Management Program. 
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources' (ODNR) website has suggestions on dealing with various species of animals, including deer.
Our Dealing with Deer Issues in Westlake Ohio Guidelines (PDF) draw from the ODNR information and also provide specifics on what techniques are permitted within the city, including:
  • Garden Damage
  • Landscape Damage
  • Tree Rubbing Damage
  • Deer Vehicle Accidents
  • Aggressiveness
  • Do I have an Orphaned Fawn?
As a reminder:

Adopt/Find a Pet

For assistance in finding a lost dog or adopting an animal, call Jim Wang at 440-892-3150 or visit the Cuyahoga County Kennel.
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