City Jail

Jail Operations
Operated by the Police Department, the Westlake City Jail detains prisoners after being arrested either to post bond or be arraigned, while they await a preliminary hearing, or to serve a sentence imposed by the Rocky River Municipal Court. The jail has a closed circuit TV hookup with the court; this allows many minor hearings to be conducted without transporting the prisoner to the courthouse. Individuals arrested for DUI are given a breath test in the jail, as well.
Westlake City Jail
Four full time and two part-time jailers staff the Westlake City Jail. It has 13 housing cells, 2 detox cells, 1 padded cell (for suicidal and mentally ill prisoners), and 2 larger holding cells. There are 2 male and 1 female cellblocks. Prisoners are separated by sex, offense, and criminal background. Prisoner food is provided by St. John-Westshore Hospital.

Visitation Hours
Visitors 18 years old and older may visit on Sunday afternoon from 1 - 3 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.