Records Room


The Records Room of the Westlake Police Department is open to the public during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Three secretaries handle the workload in the Records Room, doing record checks, preparing court paperwork and entering all information obtained by the police officers into a computer network that can be reached both statewide and nationally.

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Records Room Secretary
Secretaries also provide the following services for the department:
  • Assist the city prosecutors by providing them with all necessary reports for court cases.
  • Enter arrest information and court case dispositions into the department computer system.
  • Gather all traffic tickets that are written daily and type a jacket envelope for the ticket to be sent to the court.
  • Gather crime statistics and report these details to the FBI in the Uniform Crime Report.
  • Inform officers of any cases they have scheduled on the court docket.
  • Peruse and edit all incident reports prior to their uploading into the statewide computer network.
  • Support the Detective Bureau by forwarding prisoner personal information and fingerprint cards to the FBI and the state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation.