Community Collection Drives

Unused or Expired Prescriptions

Many people with heroin addictions began by abusing prescription medications found at home or took them while visiting family or friends who had them.

DO NOT flush unused or expired prescriptions in the toilet.
They can get into the water supply.
Non-Liquid Collection Container:
Operation Medicine Cabinet is a service that collects unused and expired prescription and over-the counter medications for disposal.  A locked container is located outside the Police Department's main entrance.

Important: Please DO NOT place liquids in this container.
Rx Drop Off Box
Liquid Medication Disposal:
You can mix liquid medications in with coffee grounds, cat litter, or sawdust to make them unusable. Then place the material in your trash.
Disposing of medications

Needles and Sharps

Properly disposing of needles and sharps can also reduce access and risk of injury to the sanitation workers and the general public. The City of Westlake does not have a Sharps Container for used needles.

  • Check with your healthcare provider to see if they have a take-back program for needles.
  • If not, follow the suggestions provided by the Cuyahoga Solid Waste District on how to properly dispose of them at disposing of needles and sharps guidelines.

Other Collection Programs

Westlake Police Department participates in a host of charitable community programs throughout the City, including the annual Coats for Kids Campaign, various food collection drives, and other special-needs collections.

Unwanted Cell Phones
The department also gathers unwanted cell phones and turns them over to our  Community Services Department. The phones are provided to our senior citizens for emergency use.
Coats for Kids