Mayor's Office

Message from the Mayor

Welcome to the city of Westlake, Ohio. We are delighted to have you visit us and hope you enjoy seeing what makes our city such a special place.

These are exciting times for Westlake. We have citizens who are involved, vibrant businesses, scenic parks and recreation areas, exceptional city services and safety forces, outstanding restaurants and shopping and a highly rated school system.

We have accomplished much in our nearly 2 centuries. Our early founders would be proud of what their dreams have become.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Please contact my office if I can be of any assistance to you.

Get a glimpse of what it is to live, work and play in Westlake at "Westlake's Businesses & Featured Destinations"

2019-2020 Charter Review

2019-2020 Charter Review Committee

2023 State of the City

View the 2023 State of the City presentation materials below:
2023 State of the City Presentation (PDF)