Rubbish & Recycling

Service Provider

Rumpke Waste and Recycling provides residential recycling and rubbish collection services for the City of Westlake. For more information about Rumpke, visit their website. For questions or concerns, contact Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171. 
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Day and Time of Collection

Recycling and rubbish materials will be picked up on the same day each week, except when a holiday falls on or before your regular pick-up day. Then your recycling and rubbish materials will be collected 1 day later. Please place your rubbish and recycling at the tree lawn by 6 a.m. on your collection day, or preferably the night before, after 6 p.m. Make sure rubbish and recycling are on opposite sides of your driveway. If you are unsure of your regular collection day, please check the Recycling and Rubbish Routes to find out. 

Do not place rubbish and recycling materials out sooner than 6 p.m. the night before your regular collection day. City code 951.02 prohibits this. All containers must be removed from the tree lawn no later than 24 hours after collection. Your trash bags and containers must be stored in a manner that they cannot be seen from the street. 


Holidays that affect collection are: 
  • New Year's Day 1/1/18 - 1 day delay for all routes
  • Memorial Day 5/28/18 - 1 day delay for all routes
  • Independence Day 7/4/18 - 1 day delay for Wednesday - Friday routes only
  • Labor Day 9/3/18 - 1 day delay for all routes
  • Thanksgiving Day 11/22/18 - 1 day delay for Thursday and Friday routes only
  • Christmas Day 12/25/18 - 1 day delay for Tuesday - Friday routes only 
  • New Year's Day 1/1/19 - 1 day delay for Tuesday - Friday routes only
Rumpke does NOT observe MLK Day, President's Day, Good Friday, Columbus Day or Veteran's Day.

Helpful Hints

  • Place a name or address on cans, lids and bins.
  • Collection on any street will be anytime after 6 a.m.
  • Streets do not have a specific time of collection.
  • Streets are collected 1 side at a time.
  • Collection times may vary due to volume, construction, time of year, weather, etc.
  • Bulk items and large stops are generally picked up later in the day.
  • Mattresses, box springs, and upholstered furniture (couches, chairs, etc.) must be wrapped in plastic.