Signs & Signals

Duties & Responsibilities

The sign crew's primary responsibility is the installation and maintenance of all City traffic signs and signals.

Additionally, this division provides signage for all City vehicle graphics and hangs all banners and interior/exterior signage for City-owned buildings and parks. 


If you are interested in displaying a banner for your non-profit group, please contact Gayle Hill at 440-617-4211. 
Banner Specifications (PDF)

Military Banners

The City of Westlake honors those from the community who are currently serving in the armed forces by hanging military banners with their photos at strategic intersections of the city. These banners can be requested by employees and residents for any relative currently serving in the military.

These banners are the result of an idea from Dave Rencehausen of the Westlake Service Department Sign Shop. 

If you are interested in having a banner created, please contact Gayle Hill at 440-617-4211. 

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