Future Projects

Kenley Court Retention Basin

The City of Westlake partnered with Cuyahoga County Soil & Water to apply for a state grant to improve the retention basin around the Point West Stream. If approved, the project Proposed improvements around Point West Stream. would enhance drainage and water quality along the stream and in the surrounding area.

Kenley Court Basin Project

Lilly Weston House

The City has applied and obtained a grant from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission, (OFCC Community Grant) to help fund the restoration. The work funded through this grant along with some City funds will include the following.

First Floor

  • Framing, removal and rebuild of rotted materials
  • New floor flooring only subflooring currently exists

Second Floor 

  • 1850's Section replacement of all rotted joists and subfloor. 
  • Remove circa 1960's stairs in a 1840's section:
    • Reframe opening to match existing
    • Relocate stairs to original location with construction of the era 
    • Correct hardwood staircase and railing

Outside Structure

  • Structural roof repairs for the 1850 Section
  • Masonry repairs
  • window replacement, only when too rotted to repair, using cypress, reclaimed glass where possible, 
  • Construction of new period appropriate front stoop with reclaimed sandstone to the 1840's Section
  • Adding a ADA entry at recessed porch on 1850 Section, related A/E services. 
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