Recently Completed Projects

2016 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

This project consisted of sanitary rehabilitation within the public side (City Right of Way). In the past, private side rehabilitation was conducted with lateral lining. Robinson Pipe Services of Lorain, Ohio was under contract to perform the rehabilitation by the means of mainline chemical grouting of the sanitary mains and lateral interfaces.  This process involved injecting grout from the inside of the pipe around leaking joints within the sanitary main, that reduces the amount of rainwater and groundwater entering the main, which is known as infiltration.  This infiltration is the likely source for sanitary backups in the area. 

2017 Pavement Crack and Joint Seal 

The City of Westlake hired Aero-Mark Inc. to preform crack sealing on various asphalt roadways throughout the City, this project has been completed as of June 2017. The sealant was applied to cracks in the pavement to prevent the migration of water into the pavement, which during freeze cycles damages the roadway. This is another cost effective preventative maintenance technique used by the City to maintain quality road surfaces for the traveling public.

Wakefield Lane Water Circulation Easement

The City of Westlake contracted KMU Trucking to replace approximately 650’ of a 8 inch water circulation easement connecting Center Ridge Road to Wakefield Lane to maintain pressures and reliability in the area. Also included in the project had minor re-grading to improve an existing drainage ditch abutting the Westlake Recreation Center property. The project's bid opening was on August 31, 2017. KMU Trucking finished this job in the late fall of 2017.   

Columbia Road Resurfacing CUY- SR-252

The City of Westlake, North Olmsted and ODOT contracted with Barbicas Construction Company, Inc. for the resurfacing of Columbia Rd. (SR-252) consisting of 1.3 miles of the removal and replacement of the top 3 inches of asphalt. It included a catch basin, curb and handicap ramp repair and restriping the roadway to meet federal standards. This project was 80% federal funding, and has been completed, with minor punch-list items to be completed this spring.

Columbia Road Interchange CUY-90-3.56 (I-90/SR-252 Interchange) PID 88665

The City of Westlake welcomed the opportunity to partner with ODOT to achieve a common goal of providing and maintaining a safer and more efficient transportation network. ODOT had the lead role in this $4,438,971.00 project and oversaw the work by 
Terrace Construction to improve the southern portion of I-90 and Columbia Road interchange. Terrace configured a diamond shape to improve intersection spacing between the interstate ramps and Detroit Rd. This project was completed on scheduled. 
For more details on this project, please contact ODOT District 12 by phone 216-584-2005

Canterbury Rd. and Center Ridge Rd. Intersection Improvements

This project was awarded to Mr. Excavator, Inc. and they have completed the widening of Center Ridge Rd. into 5 lanes, which now consist of two through lanes in each direction and a center turn lane. Canterbury Rd. was also widened into three lanes one through lane in each direction and a center turn lane. New water mains, storm sewers and traffic signals were installed along with rehabilitation of the existing sanitary sewer.

2017 Waterline Replacement and Roadway Rehabilitation on Bradley Rd. 
(Hilliard Blvd.-Detroit Rd.) 

The City of Westlake contracted out a bid with
DiGioia-Suburban Excavating. consisting of replacing 8,000 feet of 12 inch watermain, along and repairing sections of the existing storm and sanitary sewer. It included the rehabilitation of manholes and catch basins, followed by the removal and replacement of the top 3 inches of pavement. This project was completed early in December 2017.

Clague Park Pedestrian Bridge

The City of Westlake hired
 Nerone & Sons, Inc. to install a pre-engineered pedestrian bridge to go across Clague Dam.  In 2015, the City of Westlake’s park system was evaluated on improvements based on citizen input.  One major issue was the lack of a continuous trail at Clague Park. This project has linked the trail system on each side of the lake by installing a pre-engineered steel pedestrian bridge over the Dam.

Fire Stations Generator Replacement

The replacement of the existing electrical generators at both of the fire stations has improve the emergency power capacity available and provide greater flexibility in the use of the facilities for a variety of potential emergency situations. The project included a partial reconfiguration of the stations’ floorplans for optimal placement and operation of the new systems.