Recently Completed Projects

2018 Waterline Replacement and Roadway Rehabilitation (Rose Rd. and Clark Pkwy.)

The City of Westlake contracted with Digioia-Suburban Excavating, LLC . for the replacement of the watermains on Rose Rd. and Clark Pkwy. (the intersection of Creekside Dr. going north to Westwood Rd.) Digioia Suburban also repaired sections of the existing storm and sanitary sewer. For final completion of the project they rehabilitated manholes and catch basins, and removed the top 3 inches of pavement and placed a fresh courase of asphalt down.

Bradley Rd. Culvert Replacement C-05.44

The City of Westlake partnered with Cuyahoga County to fund this project. The County covered 80% of the cost and Westlake covered the remaining 20%. Our Engineering Department designed a precast structure to replace the 4 ft. by 12 ft. 75 year old box culvert. This project has helped to improve safety and reduce local flooding. The work by Winters Excavating included laying a new asphalt surface on the approaches to the culvert.

2018 Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation with Asphalt

The City of Westlake contracted with Specialized Construction to perform pavement rehabilitation in various locations. The improvement of these areas involved the milling of the existing asphalt pavement, and the repair of any remaining damaged concrete pavement, drainage structures. This projects final phase was to provide an asphalt overlay to the entire section. 

2018 Concrete Roadway Rehabilitation and Catch Basin Repair

The City of Westlake contracted with A & J Cement Contractors, Inc. to perform pavement rehabilitation on various streets throughout the city. The improvements included repair of any damaged concrete pavement and drainage structures and of catch basins. This years project repaired over 100 catch basin. 

2018 Pavement Crack and Joint Seal

The City of Westlake has contracted with Aero Mark Inc. Opens a New Window.  for crack sealing on various asphalt roadways throughout the city. The sealant is applied to cracks in the pavement to prevent the migration of water into the pavement that  damages the roadway during freeze cycles. It is another cost-effective preventative maintenance technique used by the City to maintain quality road surfaces for the traveling public.

Dover Ditch Stream Restoration Project

The City of Westlake awarded this project to Mr. Excavator, Inc. The site work for this project included the realignment of the existing Dover Ditch to extend its total length and to follow a more serpentine alignment.  

These improvements have enhanced the existing lesser-defined drainage ditches transforming the area into a riparian corridor with fore bays, settling ponds, shallow wetlands, wetland floodplains and native plantings, transforming them into natural habitats to promote biodiversity that will improve the quality of storm water runoff in the area. The tree clearing was preformed early spring of 2017, so that the Indiana Bats (Myotis sodalis), were not disturbed. 

Please view our drone video  and our Power Point Presentation on the improvement area. 

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