Westlake in Bloom

2021 Registration Is Now Open

Join in celebrating the beautiful gardens of Westlake by entering the city’s annual Westlake in Bloom Competition. Entries will be judged on Tuesday July 6th, Wednesday July 7th, and Thursday July, 8th from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. – weather permitting. 

First, second, third place awards will be selected in all categories that meet the minimum scores listed below. Every Hilliard Boulevard flower box, Evergreen Cemetery memorial fence garden, UHSJMC/City of Westlake Community Garden plot, and Adopt-a-Bed Garden will be entered automatically in the judging.   


Everyone who enters will receive an invitation to the 2021 Westlake in Bloom Appreciation Reception and Awards Ceremony, planned for Monday, August 9th at the Westlake Community Services Center's Eileen Humphrey Auditorium, where the winners will be announced. 

2020 Westlake in Bloom Winners

With social distancing and mask requirements in place, the 2020 Westlake in Bloom Award Ceremony was able to proceed safely at in the gymnasium of the Westlake Recreation Center the evening of Thursday, Aug. 13.

Due to concerns over Covid-19, attendance at the event was limited to only winning entrants and their immediate family members. Chairs in the gymnasium were set up six feet apart and only family members living in the same household were allowed to sit closer together.

Westlake in Bloom logo

All told, it was a tastefully simple ceremony. Although it was missing the elegant décor and delicious food and refreshments of previous Bloom ceremonies, it still served as a joyous occasion to recognize some of the community’s most dedicated and talented gardeners.

Westlake Mayor Dennis Clough began the ceremony by expressing appreciation for the hard work and passion displayed by the more than 60 participants who endeavored to help add beauty throughout the city. Participation in this year’s contest was nearly on par with previous years despite the difficult circumstances related to Covid-19.

Planning and Economic Development Director James Bedell, who has been the chief organizer of the event for the past eight years, once again was behind the podium at the front of the room announcing the winners for first, second and third place. Photos of their finely manicured gardens scrolled across a screen at the front of the room as they each made their way up to receive their personalized award plaque from the Mayor and have their pictures taken. 

The prestigious “Lou Walter Best in Bloom” award went to Binh V. To and Lan Le To, who also earned top 3 honors in multiple categories, including first place in the “Patio and Abutting Garden – Single Family” category.

The Tos are among many longtime Bloom participants who have helped the contest become a cherished tradition in the community. 

See the complete list of 2020 winners below and a video slideshow of each winner's entries and photos of them receiving their award from Mayor Dennis M. Clough. A complete video of the 2020 Westlake in Bloom Awards Ceremony will be available soon.

2020 Winners Slideshow Video

Video Slideshow Index w/times: 

0:30 City Council 

1:00 Sponsors 

1:30 Judges 

2:00 Evergreen Cemetery Fence Gardens 

2:45 Hilliard Blvd. Flower Boxes 

3:25 Community Garden 

4:05 Apartment, Condo, or Subdivision Entrance 

5:55 Nursing Home/Assisted Living/Independent Living Facility 

7:40 Business 

9:30 Place of Worship/Institutional 

11:10 Patio & Abutting Garden – Single Family 

13:00 Patio & Abutting Garden – Multi-Family/Cluster 

14:45 Vegetable Garden 

16:35 Shade Garden 

18:25 Window Boxes 

19:55 Residential Landscaping – Front Yard 

21:40 Residential Landscaping – Rear Yard 

23:30 Residential Landscaping – Entire Yard, Small 

25:15 Residential Landscaping – Entire Yard, Large 

27:05 Lu Walter “Best in Bloom” Award

2020 Lou Walter "Best in Bloom" winner: Binh Van To and Lan Le To

Complete Winners List for 2020 Westlake in Bloom

Evergreen Cemetery Fence Gardens 

First Place: The Ray Clancy Family

Second Place: The Eberling Family

Third Place: Shannon Maura Kilbane, Raymond and Lillian Feador

Hilliard Boulevard Flower Box 

First Place: The Moran Family

Second Place: King James Homeowners Association

Third Place: Dover Congregational Church

Community Garden 

First Place: Mitch Ma

Second Place: Lee Ding

Third Place: Jennifer Luginbill

Apartment, Condominium or Subdivision Entrance 

First Place: Westown Gardens Apartment

Second Place: Remington

Third Place: Bay Landing Condominiums

Nursing Home/Assisted/Independent Living Facility 

First Place: Rae-Ann Suburban Nursing and Rehabilitation, 29505 Detroit Road

Second Place: The Belvedere of Westlake, 29591 Detroit Road

Third Place: Rae-Ann Westlake Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, 28303 Detroit Road


First Place: Applied Companies LLC, 28825 Ranney Parkway

Second Place: Moosehead Saloon, 694 Dover Center Road

Third Place: Kleinhenz Jewelers, 25979 Detroit Road

Place of Worship/Institutional/Quasi-Public/Public Place 

First Place: Westlake United Methodist Church, 27650 Center Ridge Road

Second Place: Westlake Historical Society Herb Garden, 1371A Clague Road

Third Place: St. Ladislas Catholic Church, 2345 Bassett Road

Patio and Abutting Garden – Single Family 

First Place: Binh V. To and Lan Le To, 26945 Sleepy Hollow Drive

Second Place: Grace Flanagan, 801 Dover Center Road

Third Place: Marian Ext and Dr. Roger Mansnerus, 30085 Persimmon Drive

Patio and Abutting Garden – Multi-Family/Cluster Home 

First Place: Helen J. Szarka, 30128 Shadowcreek Drive

Second Place: Evelyn J. Davis, 1088 Clubside Drive

Third Place: Sharon L. Huelsman, 3063 Bay Landing Drive

Vegetable Garden 

First Place: Lonna Nimylowycz, 31248 Muirfield Way

Second Place: Binh V. To and Lan Le To, 26945 Sleepy Hollow Drive

Third Place: Steven Genther and Elizabeth Nici, 31377 Saint Andrews

Shade Garden 

First Place: Robert McCormick and Richard Lindsley, 1111Clubside Drive

Second Place: James and Jean Moran, 1933 Reeds Court Trail

Third Place: Patty Hays, 1943 Horseshoe Blvd.

Window Boxes 

First Place: Beverly Wilkinson, 25028 Tricia Drive

Second Place: Lizabeth K. Emrick, 1106 Clubside Drive

Third Place: Dolly and Dick Hartman, 1425 Crossings Parkway

Residential Landscaping –Front Yard 

First Place: Neal and Diana Novak, 26665 Brahms Dr.

Second Place: Lynette Hendrix and Steve Foster, 31370 Detroit Road

Third Place: Mary Beth and Jack Bedell, 1874 Settlers Reserve Way

Residential Landscaping –Rear Yard 

First Place: Nancy Schill, 2237 Silveridge Trail

Second Place: Binh V. To and Lan Le To, 26945 Sleepy Hollow Drive

Third Place: Dolly and Dick Hartman, 1425 Crossings Parkway

Residential Landscaping – Entire Yard, Small 

First Place: James and Jean Moran, 1933 Reeds Court Trail

Second Place: Sally and Jay Magee 1093 Clubside Drive

Third Place: K.V. and Alayne Gopalakrishna, 31019 Logan Court

Residential Landscaping – Entire Yard, Large 

First Place: Lou and Jean Povinelli, 1415 Prince Charles Ave.

Second Place: Marian Ext and Dr. Roger Mansnerus, 30085 Persimmon Drive

Third Place: Vicki Wert, 1665 Allen Drive

Lu Walter “Best in Bloom” Award: 

Binh V. To and Lan Le To, 26945 Sleepy Hollow Drive