Building Safety Month

Safe and proper construction is a top priority for our department. We are participating in Building Safety Month throughout May to raise awareness of building safety. Every week has a theme that underscores the importance of building and remodeling to current codes and standards. 

The 2020 Building Safety Month Theme is "Safer Buildings, Safer Communities, Safer World."

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Why It Matters

For the past 40 years, the 64,000 worldwide members of the International Code Council (ICC) have celebrated advances in constructing safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient buildings and homes. It raises awareness about critical safety issues from structural to fire prevention, plumbing and mechanical systems, and energy efficiency.

Building codes and the officials who enforce them are making our families and communities safer and more resilient. Homes and buildings that are built in compliance with building safety codes result in resilient structures that minimize the risks of death, injury and property damage. Building safety affects everyone, and modern, updated building codes save lives. 

When our building safety and fire prevention experts inspect buildings and review construction plans to ensure code compliance, they help to ensure the places where you live, work and play are safe. The Building Department works closely with home builders, contractors, plumbers, roofers and other construction industry trades to provide for the public safety of our community.

An Important Reminder about Permits

Permits are required for most home projects even if the owner is performing the work.  As a result of getting a permit, an inspector will check the work.  Inspections provide a measure of safety to protect your life and property.

We're Here to Help

Safe and proper construction is a top priority for our staff! Stop by our offices in City Hall to pick up informational brochures on a variety of topics and get answers to your questions. 

Stay safe during residential and commercial construction!


Building Safety Month

Themes for 2019 Building Safety Month

The ICC hosts a Building Safety Month website with the purpose and history of the awareness campaign as well as linked or downloadable materials for professionals, families, schools, community organizations, municipalities, and members of the media on the individual themes. 
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