Native Plants Information

Go Native, Westlake!

Native plants grow in our geographic location, Northeast Ohio. They are able to flourish with little to no maintenance because over time, these plants and animals have evolved to depend on each other for survival. Fertilizers or pesticides are not needed which helps to keep our waterways clean. A diverse and native environment leads to a successful and healthy ecosystem, benefiting humans and our surroundings.

  1. Be sure to remove any invasive plants before introducing native plants back into the landscape.
  2. Plant the right plant in the right place for optimal growth!
Leaf with water

Recommended Native Plants

Suggested plants for Northeast Ohio that prefer mostly sunlight, unless otherwise noted, pictures by Google:
Have you spotted invasive species in your yard? Visit the Ohio Department of Natural Resource's Control Measures for Invasive Species

Contact a specialist who can help you answer questions regarding controlling and managing invasive plants and animals.
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Wildlife and Your Garden

Help Save Honeybees

Your garden not only can be pleasing to the eye and help keep our ecosystem healthy, it can help maintain wildlife species.

Currently, the honeybee population is rapidly declining. Consider adding pollen-producing flowers that attract honeybees. These bees pollinate to make honey but also feed crops such as the leafy greens, fruits, and more!

Note: The male bee (pictured right) is called a drone. Drones do not collect nectar or pollen and do NOT have stingers.Their primary job is to reproduce with the queen bee.


We have an urban deer population that can make gardening challenging. Therefore we have provided a number of resources in the section labeled "Deer"  on our Animal Control page.

Child with friendly drone bee


Trees are an integral part of our city which has been recognized as a Tree City USA municipality for more than 25 years. Pictured to the right are the Bradford Pear Cleveland Select trees lining the driveway at City Hall blossoming in the spring. It is one of the types of trees that thrive in the city.

Our Urban Forestry Manager provides both general information and updates on planting, nurturing, and protecting trees that can be helpful to homeowners and property managers on his Forestry page.
City of Westlake Bradford Pear Cleveland Select Spring 2017