Staff and Personnel

Westlake residents and visitors are served by a Fire Department consisting of a chief and his administrative staff, a Fire Prevention Bureau directed by an assistant chief, a line staff of 3 captains, 6 lieutenants and 33 line firefighters. Westlake’s 2 fire stations are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing immediate response to all types of emergencies. Two engines, 2 aerial trucks and 4 medic units are the workhorses responding to approximately 5,500 incidents a year.

Westlake fire personnel are all state-certified firefighters and paramedics who consistently participate in continuing education. Aside from basic fire and medical emergencies, fire personnel are trained to respond to hazardous material accidents, trench and building collapses, motor vehicle crashes with special extrication problems and confined space extrications.

Chief Matt Moran

Chief Moran

Captain Hetman - B Shift

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Assistant Chief Mike Freeman

Assistant Chief Mike Freeman

Captain Kovats - C Shift

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Captain Kelly - A Shift

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Lieutenant Zack - Fire Prevention

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