Fire FAQ

Barbecue Grills: Storage and use restricted in apartment/condominium complexes. Those that produce flames cannot be used on balconies of multi-family residential structures or within 15 feet of any structures. See LP Tanks for storage information.

Fireplaces and Chimneys: Multi-family residential structures require annual, private inspection and maintenance.
See Ordinance 1501.16 in Codified Ordinances.

Fireworks: The possession, sale or discharge of fireworks is prohibited.
See Ordinance 1519.04 in Codified Ordinances.

LP Tanks: Standard grill size tanks and larger are prohibited in apartment/condominium units including balconies, porches, basements, corridors, and any space within the building.

Open Fires/Burning: No open burning is permitted except for small, controlled cooking fires. Fires for the purposes of burning garbage, landscape waste or any other trash/waste are prohibited.
See Ordinance 1511 in Codified Ordinances.

Smoke Detectors: Required in all residential tenant areas of multi-family apartments and condominiums, and in all newly-constructed single family homes.

Smoke Detector Program