Corporate Challenge Volunteer

Westlake Corporate Challenge is a volunteer driven event, and your help was so appreciated! The success of the events depended on people like you.

Volunteers must be over the age of 18.  However, they do not need to work for the company that has received the volunteer shift. Friends and family can volunteer on behalf of any given company.

Note: We will do everything we can to assign our volunteers to their preferred role but we cannot guarantee that volunteers will get their preferred position on the day of the event. 

Corporate Challenge

Points Given for Providing Volunteers

Volunteers help their teams earn points through their efforts.  

Volunteers are able to sign up for as many events as they’d like. Ten (10) points are awarded for each volunteer who assists with the Games. Each company is allowed a maximum of 100 volunteer points.

IMPORTANT:  If volunteers sign up but do not show up, ten (10) points are deducted from the team’s Volunteer Point Total.

On Event Day

Remember, volunteers must sign in with a Corporate Challenge staff member upon arrival. They should arrive 15 minutes prior to their designated shift to receive instruction and take their post.

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