Charter Review Commission


  • Paul Schlosser
  • Richard Petrulis
  • Larry Yankow
  • Alan Olson
  • Brook Bright
  • William Leonard
  • Russell Ezolt
  • Amy Havelka
  • Michelle Mindell


The 2019-2020 Charter Review Committee has completed their review of the City Charter, having met 12 times from March 6, 2019 to January 15, 2020. Their report to Council contains letters from the chairman and the Law Director, 15 proposed amendments, a scorecard of their work, all meeting minutes and the current City Charter. Council will review the recommendations of the Charter Review Committee and approve or disapprove each individual recommendation. Council thereafter will submit to the electors the recommended changes or alterations it has approved, pursuant to Article XVIII, Section 9, of the Constitution of the State of Ohio.

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