Hilliard Flower Boxes

Along Hilliard Boulevard in Westlake, you will find more than 220 flower boxes sponsored and planted by residents of the City of Westlake.  Many of these flower boxes have been tended to by the same families spanning multiple decades! 

The boxes are 4’ x 8’ in size, with an inside planting size of 3’ x 7’. A Sponsor is required to buy and plant an average of 6-8 flats of Annual Flowers in their adopted flower box each year. They also are required to provide an average of 4-6 bags of wood chips for around the plants, which help keep the water moisture during the growing season. Additional information and guidelines will be provided if a box becomes available. The City provides watering, weeding, and basic care of the plantings during the growing season from June to October and removal of all plants when the season is over. 

The Hilliard Flower Boxes are automatically entered in the "Westlake in Bloom” competition each year. If you are interested in sponsoring a Hilliard Flower Box please contact Gayle Hill, at City Hall, 440-617-4211. There is a waiting list at this time and if we have an opening we will call from this list.

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