Common Ordinances To Know

The City of Westlake has numerous Codified Ordinances in place outlining acceptable and unacceptable practices for residences within the City. Please note that all of Westlake’s Codified Ordinances are available at under the “Government” tab at the top of the homepage (see below). 

We at the City understand that many residents are unaware of some of these ordinances, and have highlighted some of the more common ones here:

  • Maintain lawn so grass/weeds do not exceed six (6) inches in height. Section  1381.07 (b)(l)(B)
  • Maintain yard and remove trash, brush, debris and leaves. Section 1381.07 (a)(l) 
  • Keep any sidewalk abutting one's property free and clear of snow and ice to a minimum width of eighteen inches. Section 1381.13(b) 
  • Vehicles are only permitted to be parked on paved or improved surfaces. Parking on lawns is not permitted. Section 1211.04 (a)(7) 
  • Storage of commercial vehicles, equipment or materials is not permitted in residential districts. Section 1381.07 (b)(l)(A) 
  • Recreational vehicles, including but not limited to trailers, boats, RVs, jet skis and campers, are only permitted to be stored in the rear yard with a minimum distance of thirty (30) feet from property lines. Temporary storage in the front or side is limited to seventy-two (72) hours in any 21-day period. Section 1211.30 
  • Dead trees, branches and limbs must be removed. Section 1381.07 (a)(2) 
  • Garbage cans and refuse for city pick-up may not be placed on the tree lawn prior to 6:00 p.m. the evening before the regular pick-up day. Storage of garbage cans is not permitted in the front of a house or garage. Section 951.02 ***NOTE: The Building Department is issuing FREE permits to residents for the installation of a barrier to shield garbage cans from view when stored on the side of a house/garage. 
  • Development plans and permit approval are required for all new development, site improvements or building additions. This includes but is not limited to prefabricated structures such as sheds. Section 1220.01

How to find Report a Concern tabTo report a violation related to a property, please call the Building Department at 440-617-4108. If you would like to report a violation and wish to remain anonymous, you can do so on the City’s website using the “Report a Concern” tab (right).