Membership Rates

Membership Package
Westlake Resident
Corporate (add yearly $50 for Friends & Family and Once a Member)
HH Primary
$315 $450
Household of 2
$420 $610
Household of 3
$475 $690
Household of 4
$530 $765
Household of 5
Household of 6
$655 $885
Household of 7
$710 $935
Household of 8
$765 $985
Household of 9
$820 $1,035
Household of 10
$875 $1,085
Youth Individual (ages 10-17)
$245 $315
College (ages 18-23 & full time student)
$175 $245
Senior (age 60+)
$215 $305
Senior Couple (age 60+/ ages 55)
$330 $435
30 day monthly pass (ages 18+)
$55 $65
"Once a member" fee per year
$50 $50
Senior walking pass* (good M-F from 10-2pm)
$10 NA

Membership Guidelines:

HH Primary:  Anyone ages 18-59 who either reside or work in Westlake.

HH Primary + (#):  2+ individuals ages 7-59 who reside at the same address as the primary member.  Proof of residency is required for anyone ages 18+.  Memberships are processed based on household address.  There is a max of 4 adults on a membership with a maximum of 10 individuals on a membership.

Children 6 and under must be listed on the membership form and free of charge.  Parent must provide proof of age (birth certificate, baptismal record, or passport) at time of registration. 

Individual Youth Memberships (ages 10-17) must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.  Proof of age for the child along with proof of residency or corporate verification must be provided at time of registraiton.   

College Rate:  Students (ages 18-23) must present a current class schedule or a current tuition bill from an accredited institute showing full-time status (12 credit hours or more).  If proof is not presented at the time of registration, a college-aged student must purchase an adult individual membership.  Proof of residency or corporate verification is also required.  A letter of acceptance from the college will not be accepted as proof. 

Senior rate is available for those 60 years of age and older.  Senior Couple is one person 60+ and the other 55+ years of age. 

Resident and corporate verification for memberships must accompany payment (for both new and renewed memberships).  Membership will not be processed without this information.   

Accepted forms of Westlake residency:  current driver’s license, utility bills, or bank statement.  Correspondence, junk mail, or personal letters will not be accepted.  2 proofs of residency are required for new memberships and one proof upon renewal of membership. 

Corporate verification:  current pay stubs dated within the last 30-45 days showing Westlake city income tax is paid.  Letter from the employer or business cards will not be accepted. 

The $50 fee for “Once a Member” and “Family & Friends” packages must be paid yearly and in full at the time of registration.  Fee cannot be included in installment billing. 

Members may add a family member (18 years of age and older) as long as they reside at the same address with proper identification.  Primary member must be present to add additional members.  Member must pay the difference to upgrade at the time of addition.  Installment payments will remain the same until the membership is paid in full.  The expiration date of the original membership becomes effective for all members.

Corporate discounts:  A 10% corporate discount applies if the corporation has 10 employees or more with current memberships. Discount will be applied towards a membership renewal provided that the requirements are met. 

Westlake property owners (must provide current property tax information), those whose child attends school in Westlake (must provide current tuition bill or class schedule), and “Family & Friends” program will pay the corporate membership rate plus a $50 yearly fee. 

Senior Walking passes (60 yrs of age and older) are available ONLY to Westlake Residents and may only be used solely for the indoor track from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Friday.  There is a one-time $10 charge for a photo ID card. 

Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable, and good for one year from the date of purchase. 

We offer two payment options:  payment in full or opt to participate in the Installment Payments program (a total of 4 payments) at the time of registration.  Choose to enroll in the Installment Program, and the first month is due at the time of registration. 

Youth must be 10 years old or older to be in the building without a parent/ legal guardian.  The Fitness Center is for those 14 years and older on their own.  Members 13 years of age may use the fitness room with a parent/ legal guardian.