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Business Directory and Communications

  1. Business Directory Listing

    Provide the information to create a listing in our Business Directory. DO NOT use this form if you are a construction, trades, or... More…

  1. Business Notices Subscription

    To subscribe to receive emails periodically from the City of Westlake that may be of benefit to a business owner or manger who lives or... More…

Engineering Department Forms

  1. Conditions of Permit

    Permit Conditions

  2. General Permit App

    Engineering Dept Permit App

  3. Sewer Permit App

    Engineering Dept Sewers Permit App

  1. General Permit App

    Engineering Dept Permit App

  2. Request for Public Records
  3. Westlake Watershed Group Notifications

    To subscribe to receive emails from the Westlake Watershed Group.

Service Department Forms

  1. Report a Pothole

    Please use this form to report any potholes you have encountered within the city limits of Westlake, Ohio. If the pothole is on I-90,... More…